Vaporizers for Glass Bong Lovers

    I know tons of people who have simply formed unique bonds with their glass bongs after so many years of using particular pieces. I’ve got a couple friends who have even named their bong. Human beings are strange creatures and sometimes we end up becoming weirdly attached to certain habits or ‘rituals’ we create for ourselves. For some people this might mean that despite knowing the scientific facts behind the health advantages of vaporizing weed as opposed to combusting it through a glass bong, they’ll continue to smoke it anyways. I’m one of those people honestly, guilty as charged. I just love smoke more than vapor. Something that’s had me considering the transition over to the world of vaporizing, however, is the existence of a couple of peculiar models which incorporate the wonders of a bong very smoothly into their vaporizers.

    The FlowerPot is an incredible invention. The vaporizer itself is composed of a little box which acts as the generator for the heated e-nail. Basically a titanium heating element is connected to the box by a wire, and you place the nail over a bowl of flower to vaporize it in direct contact. It’s used in conjunction with a glass bong, so you pack a bowl as per usual but instead of using a lighter to rip said bowl, you use your handy dandy FlowerPot e-nail. The design of the handle for the heated nail is also quite nice, with a very liberal use of hemp wrapped around metal. You can even vaporize concentrates simultaneously while vaping a bowl of bud for super potent hits and milky vape clouds. This thing is perfect for anyone who loves the nice, relaxing process of sitting down for some one on one with their glass bong.

    For the portable category, the Hydrology 9 by Cloudious 9 could be considered. While it stretches the definition of ‘portable’ among handheld vaporizers out there, it is more portable than any real bong ever really could be. This thing includes a cool little water chamber for some bubbling action when taking hits out of it, so you can still feel like that you’re getting that fun aspect out of it when you use it.