The benefits of essential oils

Essential oils have been around for ages. Made from natural products coming in all sorts of combinations, they have been used in many religions, households and lifestyles. With a growth in a more mindful way of living, the oils are growing in popularity once again. Essential oils are often found in herb shops, sold in glass bottles such as sold by miron glass. These bottles are not just aesthetically pleasing. They serve a purpose beyond their looks. Preserving and protecting the natural products to extend shelf life.

Calming oils to zen out to!

The world is a hectic place. Expectations are ever growing and it can feel like Mission Impossible to create a little peace in your mind and life. Coming home to the smell of lavender or eucalyptus can bring just a little bit more of that into your day to day. Turn on your diffuser and add just a drop or two of an essential oil of your choice to the water. The soft humming and slight mist coming from the diffuser will already soothe you but then the smell hits you. A lot of essential oils come in bottles with a glass pipette so you can easily use the right dosage. You might feel like just one or two drops isn’t enough but a good natural oil will really need only that. Mind the ones that are watered down. Are you unsure what to you? Do some research or ask for advice in your local store.

Set the mood to whatever you want!

Most commonly known essential oils are probably the ones meant to soothe you. Lavender, sandalwood or orange. All great senses to rid yourself from anxiety, stress or to meditate to. Essential oils aren’t used just for relaxation though. The oils can be used to give an energy boost or keep you focused. Lemon scents are incredible to boost your mood. Peppermint or cinnamon smell great and spark some energy. Find whatever scent works for you through trial and error. Some people adore the sweetness of mandarin to relax too while others feel like it brings them irritation. Something to be mindful off is that if you are feeling deep stress a scent can work differently for you. So experiment with different scents to figure out what works for you and if all of this sounds too complicated for you, no worries. If you aren’t keen on using oils for your mood they sure make your home smell nice!