Guide To Choosing Home Gym Barbell Sets

11 Best Adjustable Dumbbell Sets for Home Gym Workouts in 2021

Whether you are passionate about exercise or just starting a healthy lifestyle and adding physical activity to your daily routine, it is essential to take into account and be aware of what you want to achieve with your workout and, to do so, get to know in-depth all the tools offered by the big companies for you and your requirements.

Barbell lifting is possibly the most common exercise we see in gyms. In a way, it is the classic and the initial one we look for when we want to build arm muscle.

Dumbbell bars are the most common home gym barbell sets. Generally, there is a difference between 1 inch and 2-inch dumbbell bars. The millimeter indication refers to the hole’s diameter in the discs, thus limiting the discs you can train with.

There are many types of home gym barbell sets on the market, and this is precise because of the infinite number of different tasks in which the bars can be used. Discover the different types of bars that you can use in your training.

The bars’ diameter and length are different and are often denoted by men’s or women’s sizes. 

Standard women’s size

  • Bar length: 80 inches
  • Bar diameter: 1 inch
  • Bar weight: 33 pounds

Standard size in men

  • Bar length: 86 inches
  • Bar diameter: 1 inch
  • Bar weight: 44 pounds

The longer the bar, the heavier your weight. Besides, exercises performed with a more extended bar require more coordination (think leverage) and usually have more space to place weight discs. In any case, a fan of this training should adjust the barbell’s length according to the area he has in his training place to avoid collisions with televisions, pictures, walls, etc.

Powerlifting bars

Bars for powerlifting usually have a more aggressive molding to help them adhere very well to the hands. The markings on the weights are slightly wider than the markings on Olympic weights.

Generally, powerlifting weights also tend to be stiffer than Olympic weights. However, specialized bars have more curves and are longer than conventional ones, all so that the endplates stay comfortably on the floor.

Olympic bars

These bars have much less aggressive and noticeable molding. They provide enough grip but not enough to break the hands in the transition of movements. These bars are known for having more whip or curve.

Hybrid bars

This model tries to take the best of each type of bar and thus meet multiple needs. They often have two markings from one point to the other to align with Olympic powerlifting and lifting standards.

These bars help athletes who, in their training, do both types of lifting in one session, plus it is also an excellent way to economize and cut costs by buying 2 bars in 1.

Bare steel bars do not have any finish and are prone to rust but still have a pleasant grip for the hand; this type of home gym barbell sets needs a good dose of maintenance and frequent cleaning. Zinc-finished bars provide more protection and come in black or glossy finishes.

Chrome offers the most protection and is usually the most expensive of this type on the market. It comes in satin or polished options. Chrome can also feel a little more slippery, depending on the finish, but the tops of line rods often have a chrome finish and still have an excellent grip.

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