6 Simple ways to keep your brain sharp and old

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The brain plays an important role in life to health. Because the brain is the center of all kinds of body systems, including thinking and remembering.

As you get older, just like other body parts, brain cells will also experience aging and decrease cognitive function that can occur gradually. And this is a natural process. But that does not mean you just leave your brain aging.

Reporting from thehealthsite.com, here are some simple ways you can apply to maintain brain sharpness to old age.

Physically active

Being physically active or exercising can improve and improve blood flow to the brain. It aims to stimulate chemical changes in the brain which are then used to sharpen the brain.

Socially and intellectually active

Don’t be shy to socialize and stimulate thinking. Because this activity is proven to reduce brain aging.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is quite useful to increase energy, improve mood, increase immunity, and reduce the buildup of abnormal proteins in the brain called Beta-amyloid Plaque.

Eat healthy

Some health studies have reported that regular eating healthy foods can reduce brain damage by 21 . In addition, increasing the amount of water can also prevent you from dehydration and hypoglycemia.

Listening to music

Routinely listening to music is useful for reducing stress, anxiety, pain, and blood pressure. This is very useful for increasing the sharpness of your brain.

Diligent meditation

Meditation will improve the health of the mind and body. Researchers have found that gray areas of the brain will thicken as you meditate frequently. This area is useful for increasing focus, sharpening memory, and reducing stress

No need to do strenuous exercise. Light exercise such as walking or dancing, also brings millions of benefits for brain health. A healthy brain, plus a healthy heart also because routine physical activity can prevent us from avoiding a stroke.

Dancing, for example. Senior consultant from the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) Singapore, Dr. Simon Ting, said, someone who diligently dances will learn new movements or steps. It indirectly stimulates the brain to always work.

Brain Relations with Dancing

NNI has conducted an experiment on a small number of Alzheimer’s patients. The research was carried out by involving dance clubs. The end result, the patient feels his well-being increases.

In addition, continued Simon, learning new vocabulary every day brings positive effects on the brain. Because, we ourselves grow the habit of continuous learning, so the brain is active.

“If not, brisk walking or walking on treadmill is also beneficial for the brain,” Simon said as quoted by Singapore Health on Thursday, August 2, 2018.

In addition to healthy brain, dancing can also strengthen muscles and maintain body weight. Metabolism that increases after dancing functions to lose weight.