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National Beard Month was established by… I dunno, somebody… in 2002. It must have seemed a good idea to have a complete month to have a cause to preen, talk about and flaunt the face-foliage. Apparently there’s a ‘bearded brethren’ who, when passing in the street, communicate silently; understanding and empathizing with each other. Look, I do not know what that is about either – I’m a girl.

However, among ladies who had been cancer survivors, lesbian and bisexual ladies had been extra more likely to report truthful or poor health than straight ladies. Many cultures throughout the world contemplate beards to be a logo of maturity, dignity and wisdom. The historical Greeks, then again, considered it as an indication of virility. The Romans started out bearded but embraced the follow of shaving wholeheartedly when it was launched. Beards develop at different charges at different times of the yr. Summer is the season of burgeoning beards whereas winter (sorry Santa) tends to slow down the facial fuzz.

But chilly-climate cities, together with Portland, Maine which came in last and Burlington in Vermont, didn’t do as effectively. As a step toward addressing the shortage of information, researchers checked out three years of responses to the California Health Interview survey, which included greater than 120,000 adults dwelling in the state. The Gaelic males of Scotland and Ireland had been by no means beardless – an excellent beard was seen as a representation of honour.

I’ve had a mustache for years (with out revealing how many) and a beard on and off over the years. However…until I learn your squid? I by no means knew or had heard of ‘Beard Month.’ Amazing. Thanks for sharing a enjoyable and attention-grabbing lens taking a look at all sides of the issue. Too unhealthy squidoo sold out and we all have to maneuver on though. Cheers.